Creative Movement - 55 minutes/week         55.00/month

1 hour/week                      65.00/month
2 hours/week                  105.00/month
3 hours/week                  130.00/month
4 hours/week                  145.00/month
5 hours/week                  160.00/month
6 hours/week                  175.00/month
7 hours/week                  190.00/month
8 hours/week                  205.00/month

Each additional class is $15.00 per class hour

Registration Fee                             45.00
Costume Fee - 3-6 years               70.00
Costume Fee - 7 years and up     75.00
Recital Fee                                       60.00
Private Lessons          As per instructor


Regular session registration fees are $45/person.
Fees are non-refundable and are due at registration.

Monthly dance tuition is based on prepayment for classes. Tuition is based on an annual average of 4 weeks per month and remains constant for each month. During the year, some months have more than 4 weeks so class tuition averages out over the entire year.
Holidays will follow the Clay County School Calendar.
A full month’s tuition is required for each month regardless of holidays. Makeup sessions are encouraged for any missed or cancelled classes.

Tuition Rates